Σύνδεση με Αγγλία για δύο ώρες για να απολαύσουμε το καλύτερο rockabilly απο την παραγωγό που το είδος αυτό μουσικής το ξέρει όσο κανείς άλλος....

Hi I'm Jen Adams from Greece...
my early teen years during the 80s I started my career in the world of beauty. I quickly discovered this wasn't enough for I followed my real passion which is music.. having a family in USA and living in Missouri loved the American country music and next to american elvis tributes had the honour to meet the family and friends of ELVIS PRESLEY in Memphis TN and to date I am still in contact with. My travels doesnt stop there..

I'm currently working in a health beauty spa and in a beauty company too in the UK where im now living. There is a huge rockabilly scene in the UK and im lucky enough to take part in all the weekend festivals. I've met around my travels the best rockabilly bands in the UK from around the world so I love the rockabilly music. m NOW playing music for a club in the UK..

I represent with Ilias Halkiadakis the official fan club of Elvis in Greece with 50000 members AND at past used to work for TOP SECRET RADIO... SIMPLE RADIO..ELVIS RADIO... STAFFORD FM UK RADIO... AND now we will - continue to live my dream together from SUNRADIO GR every Monday my HONKY TONK JUKEBOX WILL SHOW U THE WAY

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